Checkout Guide

We are accepting only crypto payments this time. You can pay via Binance, CashApp, Coinbase,, Trust Wallet, MetaMask, or any other trusted platform available in your country.

Payment Options

Option 1: Pay via

  1. Select the option at checkout. You’ll be redirected to the secure CoinPayments gateway.
  2. Select a Coin that you want to pay with.
  3. Then scan the QR or copy the wallet address.
  4. Then send the required package amount.

Your order will be automatically marked as ‘Processing’ once the payment is confirmed.

Option 2: Direct Wallet Transfer

If you want to save the CoinPayments fee, you can send the exact package amount to our wallet addresses.

  1. Select a coin address given below.
  2. Send the exact amount of your cart in USD.
  3. After completing the transfer, please send us the Transaction ID at [email protected]
BTC / BCH1pXh2ZwTnuNrdGzwZ8w1poquqMsN6K3En
USDT (TRC20) / TRXTKccApXVZsZEJ8ub7b1gwd6eCuTpDK93MQ
Ethereum (ERC20)0x683e3a2c31a2e2ab193025f78444bd800a78182d

Remember, your privacy is our priority. Both payment methods are designed to ensure a safe and efficient transaction process. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Check out some video guides:

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