Checkout Guide

We are accepting crypto payments. You can pay via Binance, CashApp, Kraken, Coinbase, Gemini,,, MetaMask, or any other trusted platform available in your country.

Now, you can also pay crypto using your Credit Card.

Payment Options

Option 1) Crypto Payments

1.1) Pay via
  1. Select the option at checkout. You’ll be redirected to the secure CoinPayments gateway.
  2. Select a Coin that you want to pay with.
  3. Then scan the QR or copy the wallet address.
  4. Then send enough funds to cover the CoinPayments fee.

Your order will be automatically marked as ‘Processing’ once the payment is completed.

1.2) Direct Wallet Transfer

You can send the exact package amount directly to our wallet address. It will save an extra fee charged by CoinPayments.

  1. Select one of the wallet addresses given below on this page.
  2. Send the exact amount of your cart in USD.
  3. After a successful transfer, please send us the Transaction ID/Hash at [email protected]

Visit one of the below websites to pay directly to our wallet using your credit card:


Send the required funds to one of the wallet addresses given below and share a transaction ID/Hash to confirm your payment.

BoostFunda Crypto Wallet Addresses
BTC / BCH1LJpuKdRCffYQ8E9Sw2fprst6XNewzzwK9
USDT (TRC20) / TRXTA7kp1bYW7c9dYT6p6FN5R2tW6NVobhisG
Ethereum (ERC20)/BNB0xf19f51586efd5f9655fd51f87993bfeddee92f2d

If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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